Fully Guided High Country Fly Fishing Pack Trip

A Nice Trout from Upper Castilleja Lake.

The fishing at the headwaters of the Florida River includes alpine lakes, high mountain streams and the Weminuche Wilderness in Southwest Colorado. We have outstanding fishing right outside of camp. Be prepared because this is “brookie paradise”, with excitement around every corner. We are experts on fishing the headwaters of the Florida River drainage. This area is one of the premier fishing regions in southwest Colorado, but because of its very remote location you can enjoy the trip and forget about the crowds . We can put you right there in the fishing fury, with a guide standing beside you who knows all of the prime spots, the best ways to fish them and the best fly for that particular hole at the time that you are there.

I’ve Got One!

We are here to help you with what you want and need. If you’re a beginning angler, we can give you a good foundation of the basics which you can carry on with you long after your trip. If you have more experience, we can help you refine techniques and learn some new tricks. If you are an advanced angler, our beta can help you maximize your fishing experience.

From our camps we can fish three different streams with three different types of fish and consequently three different fishing characters. The Florida and most of it’s tributaries are full of brook trout. These are voracious feeders and a day of fishing can result in many fish on the end of your line. West Virginia Creek is a rare, native cutthroat fishery and we are fortunate to be able to stalk these wily critters in such a beautiful wilderness setting. Virginia Creek is dominated by Rainbow Trout and has the largest stream trout in our area.

Fishing the Upper Castilleja Lake.

We also fish the high country lakes of the Florida Basin including the Castilleja Lakes, Lake Marie, City Reservoir, Lilly Lake and Emerald lake. High country lake trouts can be fickle, but when they are hitting, the thrill of hooking one of these fish is truly exhilarating.

All of these trips are truly full service with all of the amenities of our basecamp pack trips with the addition of a dedicated fishing guide.  The ratio of fisherman to guide is a maximum of 3 to 1.  We provide all fishing flies and fishing gear is also available for rent.

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