Employment With Over the Hill Outfitters

Do you have what it takes? We are always looking for hard working people willing to get in there and provide the type of service that we at Over the Hill Outfitters are known for. While we are looking for people with the right combination of experience, work ethic, and most of all great attitude, we will consider people from many backgrounds and from different fields.

If any of these sound like something that you would be interested in, please send us an email with your interests or you can write with a resume, or just give us a call and we will be happy to talk with you on the phone!

Specific jobs that we do here at OTHO:

Camp Chef: Prepares high quality meals in a camp environment. We use fresh food and prepare all of our food on sight. We give a lot of freedom in choosing menus and encourage creativity and originality as long as it fits into our goal of having the best food possible.

Hunting Guide: This is probably the hardest and most rewarding job that we have. Must have great people skills, mountain survival skills, ability to call, horsemanship and above all else, the willingness to go the extra distance that is required to get the elk!

Wilderness Wrangler: This is what we do the most in the outfit. We pack animals and ride horses in almost every endeavor that we take. Horsemanship skills are required as well as the desire to work in a wilderness setting.

Ranch Ride Wrangler: Leads our ranch and day horseback rides. Must love working with people and especially kids. We run rides from June 1-Sept 1, so this is a perfect position for a college or high school student.

Ranch Hand: Keeping our herd of more than 100 horses fed and healthy requires a significant amount of work. We irrigate about 40 acres of rangeland and board around 10-15 horses on the ranch at all times. We have a lot of equipment to maintain and fencing never ends.

Horse Trainer: We have around 10-20 young horses that need work all of the time. Our young horses run the full gammut from baby colts to weanlings to two year olds to horses that just need lots of time under the saddle. You will potentially have the opportunity to work with world class horseman Craig Cameron.

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