Our Staff

We at Over the Hill Outfitters are fortunate in that we simply have the best staff in the world. What this means to you is that on every adventure that you take with us, our staff will take care of you, providing you the best SERVICE that you can have anywhere.

Current Staff

Kelly Palmer
Kelly PalmerChef, Wrangler
Kelly is much more than staff. As Randy’s wife, she is the backbone of what goes on at Over the Hill Outfitters. While she is not full time at the outfit, her knowledge of the natural world, her horsemanship and her incredible cooking bring much to the experience. When not on one of our adventures, she spends her time defending the air and water of the San Juan National Forest and the Weminuche Wilderness, obviously one of the most important endeavors in the world.
Amanda Williamson
Amanda WilliamsonOffice Manager
Amanda has worked at Over the Hill Outfitters for two years. She is our office manager and part time bookkeeper. You may meet her out on rides, packing up the trail or even as camp cook this summer. In her spare time she is also a part time school teacher, raises three rowdy boys on her farm south of Ignacio and competes at the NCHA level on cutting horses.
Bill Vicary
Bill VicaryChef
Bill’s specialities include stuffed pork chops, dutch oven biscuits and his desserts will blow your mind. Plan on eating well when Bill is the Chef. He also loves to cook on the Continental Divide Ride. When he’s not cooking for Over the Hill, he is often times competing in chuck wagon cookoffs or riding his horse in the mountains or the desert.
Joshua Looman
Joshua LoomanWrangler, Packer, Guide
Joshua is planning on going to school in Amarillo, TX this fall to study wind energy. He is Terry’s grandson and Randy’s nephew.
Tom Van Soelen
Tom Van SoelenGuided Hunting Manager
Tom and his wife Cheri, owned and operated San Juan Outfitters for 25 years until they sold it. However, they couldn’t stay out of the outfitting business and now they together manage the guided hunting portion of Over the Hill Outfitters.
Cheri Van Soelen
Cheri Van SoelenHunting Camp Chef & Hunting Office Manager
Cheri and her husband Tom, owned and operated San Juan Outfitters for 25 years until they sold it. However, they couldn’t stay out of the outfitting business and now they together manage the guided hunting portion of Over the Hill Outfitters.
Riley Van SoelenWrangler
Riley occasionally helps run pack trips and hunting trips for Over the Hill Outfitters.
Tracy StrohlWrangler
Tracy has worked at Over the Hill since 2016 leading Ranch Rides. She also works at Rapp Corral leading rides.
Steve Rodrigues
Steve RodriguesHead Wrangler, Guide
Steve is the true jack of all trades. He guides, packs, wrangles, shoes horses and tells stories. He started riding with Over the Hill Outfitters in 2009 and continues to help out the outfit in every way.
Rob Johnston
Rob JohnstonHead Wrangler, Guide
Better know as Wrangler Rob or Mustache Rob, he usually rides one of his own mules, such as Mary Lou, on the trail. Rob’s jokes around the camp fire are notorious and legendary.
Hannah Looman
Hannah LoomanWrangler
Hannah is currently a college student at the University of Wyoming and plans on becoming an equine veterinarian. She is Terry’s granddaughter and Randy’s niece.
Jessica Looman
Jessica LoomanWrangler
Jessica is currently a college student at the West Texas A&M where she is studying agricultural economics. She is Terry’s granddaughter and Randy’s niece.
Sage Wagner
Sage WagnerWrangler
Sage has worked at Over the Hill since 2016 leading Ranch Rides.
David Klawitter
David KlawitterHunting Guide
David originally came on an archery hunt with Over the Hill Outfitters. It was obvious that he was a very competent hunter and was joining us on a hunt to learn about a new part of the country. One thing led to another and he soon returned as a guide. David hunts more than about anyone alive and his enthusiasm will infect everyone around him.
Harris Abernathy
Harris AbernathyWrangler & Guide
Harris started working at Over the Hill Outfitters in 2010. He loves packing in the mountains as well as running rivers. Harris spent the winter packing mules in the Grand Canyon in 2016-17.

Past (and Sometimes Current) Staff

Dary Longfellow (AKA the Legend of the San Juans)
Dary Longfellow (AKA the Legend of the San Juans)Chef, Wrangler & Guide
Dary was the heart and soul of Over the Hill Outfitters for a long time. He worked for John Neely before Randy and Terry took over and has continued entertaining both the guests and the staff ever since. He has held every position in the outfit from wrangler, hunting guide to chef extraordinaire. This is his favorite and he continues to cook up delicious meals. If you don’t bust a gut when Dary is in the kitchen cooking up one of his meals like his signature pork chops and mashed potatoes, then you must not have a funny bone in you. Dary is now retired from outfitting. Randy and Dary still head to Utah every spring to ride the desert.
Kevin Madler
Kevin MadlerHunting Guide, Pack Trip Guide and Wrangler
Kevin and Randy worked together at Bear Basin Ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado in 1997. Together they ran the Mountain Sports week program which was a tent based adventure camp with two days of horseback riding, two days of mountain biking, one day of rock climbing and one day of whitewater rafting. They also teamed up to guide elk hunts in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. They became great friends and when Randy & Terry took over operations of Over the Hill Outfitters, Kevin came on as hunting guide. He has been here ever since, having guided 30 or more hunts with us in addition to many pack trips and our Continental Divide Trail Ride. Kevin is one of the best guides in the world and if you are lucky enough to join him on a trip, you will become friends as well. His other pastime is building and remodeling homes.
Kevin is now a game warden in Buena Vista, Colorado.
Donald Schoonover
Donald SchoonoverHunting Guide
Simply put, Donald is the luckiest hunter there is. He has a way of bringing an elk out of the woods on a dead run. Of course, this is the result of plenty of hard work and an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm to get out early and come back late. Donald is Randy’s cousin, another of our family, and has been guiding hunts with Over the Hill Outfitters since 2000. Donald has hunted elk and deer all of his life, is an avid duck hunter and fished a lot too. He sells cars to local Durangoans in his spare time. If you need a new Toyota, give him a call.
Dennis Huis
Dennis HuisHunting Guide, Pack Trip Guide, Chef and Wrangler
Dennis hired on with Over the Hill Outfitters in 1999. He is an avid flyfisherman and one of the best mountain guides anywhere. He spends his winters teaching skiing at Telluride, further cementing his mountain skills. Dennis has done everything there is to do with us. He has packed, wrangled, guided elk hunts, taught flyfishing, and is an excellent chef.
Greg Sutherlin
Greg SutherlinWrangler & Guide
Greg worked at Over the Hill Outfitters off and on since 2010. He has also worked at the Rock Creek Pack Station in California and packed mules into the Grand Canyon.
Hugo Rhodes
Hugo RhodesWrangler, Guide and Mexico Trip Leader
Hugo spends most of his time on his ranch in Bahuachivo, Chihuahua, where he runs the Paraiso del Oso lodge and horseback expeditions throughout Mexico’s Copper Canyon together with his mother Anna Chavez and stepfather Diego Rhodes. However, we always enjoy it when he comes up north and helps us out on our Colorado horseback adventures. He is our head guide on our Mexico horse packing adventures.
Chad Shoulders
Chad ShouldersWrangler & Guide
Chad established himself as indispensible to the outfit. No matter what it is that needs to be done, Chad is always there. His previous experience at a dude ranch gives him the people skills and patience to help out all of our guests. He is an expert packer and is also a highly trained chef. During the winter, he is also the coach for the Fort Lewis College ski racing team. Last but not least, he is the favorite subject of all of our photography workshops! Chad left Over the Hill Outfitters in 2011.
Kelly Wotkyns
Kelly WotkynsWrangler & Guide
Kelly started working at Over the Hill Outfitters when he was in high school and continued working every summer until he finally finished his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wyoming in 2016. He led many pack trips and did lots of Continental Divide Rides over the years. Kelly is now a materials engineer in Denver.
Craig Deeds
Craig DeedsWrangler & Guide
Craig first came on one of Over the Hill Outfitters’ archery hunts back in 2000. He returned again in 2001 for another archery hunt. Then, in 2002, his wife took a job in Durango and they both moved here. After establishing a residence, Craig began helping out on trips, including packing, wrangling, guiding hunts, and finally exhibiting his culinary skills as camp chef. Then, in the spring of 2006, he and his wife sold everything they owned and moved to Mexico, where he now spends most of his time. He still returns to Durango to help out on a trip now and then, including working the booth at our winter shows. Craig is an Orvis certified fly fishing instructor and spends lots of time on the rivers around Durango as well as in the blind as he hunts ducks and geese at his hunting club in Arkansas.
Kaila CruzWrangler
Kayla just graduated from Fort Lewis College and plans on going to veterinarian school.