Packing Service (Your Camp Gear)

Read an article on the Ten Commandments of Horseback Hunting by Randy Palmer in the Oct 2008 issue of Western Horseman.

If you are the complete do-it-yourself hunter and have all of your own gear and just want to be dropped off in your favorite hunting location (within our permitted area), we can pack you and all of your gear to that spot.  Our insurance regulations do not allow us to leave any horses in camp, but we will either check on you every other day, or in today’s world, most of our hunting areas have cell phone access if you are willing to hike to the top of a ridge.  Price for this packing service is based on the number of animals required for us to get your gear where you want to go.  Give us a call and we will gladly give you a quote for your adventure.

Rick’s 4X4 High Country Rifle Bull.

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